Earn Money Completing Simple Micro Jobs!

Completing micro jobs and making money on OnlineMicroJobs is easy. You simply select the jobs you want to complete, complete them and get paid! There's a few things you do in order to ensure your job submissions are accepted by the Employeers.

For your security

Provide Proper Proof

When completing micro jobs, it's VERY IMPORANT you submit the proof as outlined under "REQUIRED PROOF TO INCLUDE BELOW" on the job details page. This usually includes:

Please also make sure other required proof in your final submission or your submission will most likely be declined and you will not be paid!

Some more complex jobs pay more and may require more extensive proof.

Do NOT Submit Fake Proof

Intentionally submitting fake proof is grounds for immediate account termination, forfeiture of all balances and should never be done. Do not submit proof for approval until you are sure you include all the requirements outlined by the job.

Login Daily for New Micro Jobs

We get new micro job postings every day. Be sure to check back in on a daily basis and complete jobs. Jobs can have as few as 10 positions, many high paying jobs have fewer positions and are completed on a first come, first serve basis.

Refer your Friends

You will earn $1 when you refer someone who earns a payout and up to 30% of their earnings for every job they complete!

Check the Referrals page to get the link to send to your friends! Posting your referral link on Social Media is a great way to start earning passive income from referrals work!

Post Your Own Job!

Once you complete a few jobs you may find you want to post a job yourself and make some money leveraging our large worker base! Posting a job takes just a few minutes and can make you money on a regular basis, just be sure to Read the Employer Guide!

General Worker Questions and Answers

I Have Completed A Job But It Is Pending?

All work is checked manually by the Employers. This means when you complete a job, the status will be Pending until the Employer Accepts or Declines your work or once 2 days have passed with no selection by the Employer.

If the Employer does not accept or reject your work in 2 days the work is automatically accepted and your account credited on the 3rd day.

Why Was My Submission Declined?

Generally this means you either did not complete the work as to the requirements or you did not submit what the employer requested as Proof for crediting.

It is very important to read what proof the Employer wants from you for crediting and supply only the proof requested (more is not always better as most employers are busy and approving/denying will be based on how quickly they can see you completed the job to the Requirements.

Another case, for instance. If the job is to create an account on some website/Signup, but you already have an account, you will not get credit for this unless you create a new account and complete the requirements by the Employer.

Generally these type of jobs want you to create an account to be in their "Downline" if you do not follow their link and create an account you will not get credit from most employers.

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