iOS App Store: Search + Download + Install + Screenshot

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Job ID: 2821 3 minutes to complete
You will earn: $1.00 Work Completed: 0/30
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Job Description

- You must be a resident of Canada, using the Canadian App Store
- You must only do this on an iPhone or iPad device
- All steps must be completed in exact order
- Screenshot must be uploaded as proof

Step-by-Step Instructions for Task:

1. Open the App Store
2. Tap on 'Search' in the bottom navigation
3. Type 'Sudoku' in the search bar and tap 'Search'
4. On the search results page, scroll down to the app with this icon -

5. Tap on the app title and open app details page
6. Download the app on your device
7. Once downloaded, take a screenshot of the app icon on the device
8. Open the app

- App must be kept installed on the device for 2 weeks

Proof Job Was Finished

1. Screenshot of the app icon on the device

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